COASTAL SCENTS 22 Piece Professional Brush Set

Looking for a complete set of the best makeup brushes? You can create an endless array of looks with the COASTAL SCENTS 22 Piece Professional Brush Set. This complete collection of luxury makeup brushes includes the essentials used by the pros. Each makeup brush caters to a different need no matter what look you’re trying to achieve. All 22 cosmetic brushes fit perfectly together in our matte black, Coastal Scents imprinted case making this set ideal for travel. This set includes the following brushes (Dimensions OPENED: 62.23cm x 24.13 cm):

  1. Large Fan (Synthetic)
  2. Powder Buffer (Synthetic)
  3. Round Powder (Synthetic)
  4. Flat Buffer (Synthetic)
  5. Angle Blush (Goat Hair)
  6. Foundation (Fiber Hair)
  7. Concealer (Nylon Hair)
  8. Large Shadow (Pony Hair)
  9. Blender (Pony Hair)
  10. Doe Foot Blender (Pony Hair)
  11. Dome Shadow (Pony Hair)
  12. Dome Blender (Pony Hair)
  13. Medium Shadow (Pony Hair)
  14. Detail Shadow (Pony Hair)
  15. Lip (Pony Hair)
  16. Detail Concealer (Fiber Hair)
  17. Pointed Blender (Pony Hair)
  18. Brow (Pony Hair)
  19. Smudger Sponge (Rubber)
  20. Large Liner / Brow (Nylon Hair)
  21. Medium Liner / Brow (Nylon Hair)
  22. Small Liner / Brow (Nylon Hair)

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