Cerro Qreen 10 Piece Best Makeup Brush Set

The brush set come in an innovative and functional container that turns into two brush holders to keep busy beauty lovers stylish and organized on the go. This set includes the following brushes (The longest brush is in 17cm):

  1. Powder Buffer (Natural/Synthetic bristle hybrid)
  2. Blush (Natural/Synthetic bristle hybrid)
  3. Foundation (Synthetic)
  4. Large Fan (Natural/Synthetic bristle hybrid)
  5. Dome Shadow (Pony Hair)
  6. Medium Shadow (Pony Hair)
  7. Brow Definer (Synthetic)
  8. Eyeliner (Synthetic)
  9. Lip Brush (Synthetic)
  10. Eyelash Brush (Nylon)

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