Alphabet Of Love


Alphabet Of Love Titanium Rose Gold Necklace (Mini Pendant)

You are my ANGEL come to earth
The BEST thing that ever happened to me
You are my CONFIDENT, my assurance
You are my DARLING with a capital D
You are EVERYTHING in my world Whose
FRIENDSHIP is beyond measure
You are the GUARDIAN of my life
You are a HEROINE to be treasured
You are my INSPIRATION, my muse
You are JULIET to my Romeo
Your KINDNESS touches every heart
You are my LOVER in the afterglow
You are all the best MOMENTS of my life
You are the NUMBER 1 hit for me
You are my ONE and only
You are PERFECTION with a capital P
Nothing can QUELL my burning passion
You are ROMANCE made flesh
You are my SOULMATE
You are the TREASURE of any quest
You are the star in my UNIVERSE
My VALENTINE each and every day
You mean the entire WORLD to me
You are X–RATED when we play
YOU are the only one I want to be with
With you I have reached my ZENITH

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