If you love our fashion accessories, why don't be our ambassadors and recommend to friends. You can earn 8% commissions on sales generated through your link.





Why join our ambassadors programme? It's Pretty, and Simple!



Free to join. You will earn 8% commission on net sales (excluding shipping, taxes and returns) every time your visitors buy from DAILYNECKLACE.COM.

2. We provide creative banners and you can use them if you like. These banners help us brand and position our products. We have them in different sizes and we hope they all suit your website/channel.
3. You just simply promote DAILYNECKLACE.COM by placing the banners, advertisements or links on your site and promoting our products or collections, must-have items to your visitors.
4. Commission on sales originating from your site within 30 days. We have an automated system that tracks all clicks and referrers. You will be given an access the system to see your affiliate stats.
5. Affiliate commission for the current calendar month will be paid by the 30 day of the following month. For example, commissions for sales generated in January will be paid by end of February.
6. You need to have a PayPal account. This is the only method of payment for the affiliate program. We recommend that you create an account if you haven't got one. It is free and safe.