Cerro Qreen 11 Piece Essential Travel Makeup Brush Set

The Essential Travel Makeup Brush Set contains 11 professional quality brushes (the longest one in 12cm) for the face and eyes. This kit features all of the brushes needed to create a complete look at any level of artistry.

  1. Powder Buffer (Goat Wool)
  2. Blush (Goat Wool)
  3. Contour Brush (Goat Wool)
  4. Foundation (Goat Wool)
  5. Sheer Powder (White Goat)
  6. Medium Shadow (Pony Hair)
  7. Eyeshadow (Pony Hair)
  8. Angled Eye Brow & Liner Brush (Synthetic)
  9. Lip Brush (Synthetic)
  10. Detail Eye Liner (Synthetic)
  11. Eye Brow Brush

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